Mobility Wet Rooms: The Benefits 

As we get older we get less mobile. It is something that happens to everyone, and it is something that we cannot avoid. Making adaptations around your home, however, can help make everyday tasks far easier, and can contribute to maintaining your sense of independence in your own home. Below we touch on how showering and personal hygiene can be made easier through the installation of a mobility wet room.


Having easy access to a shower is very important, and the installation of a wet room provides just this. Mobility wet rooms have a walk-in shower tray, completely eliminating the difficulty of stepping and climbing in and out of the shower. Rather than being on a raised platform, a wet room is completely flat and does not require any physical effort or strain to access and use. In short, a mobility wet room provides easy access as it is just an enclosed shower room.


As mentioned above, eliminating the difficulty of climbing in and out of the wet room results in increased safety when compared with using a normal shower. Therefore, the chances of falling over or slipping in the shower is reduced massively. Here at Rhondda Mobility Services we also offer a range of different options to increase safety when showering, such as hand and grab rails and shower seats and chairs. Our mobility wet rooms can be customised and installed into customers bathrooms as needed, to ensure maximised safety.

Appearance and Space

Although accessibility and safety are top priorities when it comes to the installation of a mobility wet room, appearance is also important – and this is an advantage of choosing the wet room option. Mobility wet rooms can be sleek and stylish, and still complement your bathroom beautifully with a range of trendy tiles to match your interior. Getting rid of a bath and replacing it with a wet room opens up the room and optimises space that you already have, making it a great option for those with smaller bathrooms.

Easy to Maintain

A huge benefit of installing a wet room is the ease of keeping it clean. It is literally what it says on the tin: a wet room. This means that you can easily use typical bathroom cleaners and sprays to wipe down tiles and avoid any mould. Rhondda Mobility Services provides mobility equipment installations in Cardiff, Newport and across South Wales. Products and installations include stairlifts, stairlift servicing, mobility bathrooms and mobility scooters. To begin discussing your needs and requirements for a custom mobility bathroom, do not hesitate to get in touch today.