Is it Time You Bought a Mobility Scooter?

Independence is a wonderful thing, and if you’re struggling with your mobility, it can often be frustrating to not be able to do day to day tasks. From wandering round the park to nipping to the shops, there are lots of things you’ll no doubt want to do but find difficult if you have a chronic condition or are becoming less mobile as you age. That’s why mobility scooters are so popular among those who have a disability or just need some help getting around. Here are some things to consider if you’re looking for a scooter.


One of the main advantages of a mobility scooter is the physical range that they offer. While you may use wheelchairs at home and for short journeys, a mobility scooter will allow you to cover many miles on one charge, so you have the freedom to explore. Scooters come in many different sizes, with each one offering a different range, so the one you choose will depend on your needs.

Choosing a scooter

There are many things to consider when you choose a scooter:

·        Size – do you want to be able to fold the scooter in your car or taxi boot?

·        Mileage – is it for short, local journeys or longer exploration?

·        Comfort – will you be travelling on the pavement, or taking bumpy journeys?

·        Controls – choose something that you are confident controlling

It’s important to choose a scooter that suits your lifestyle, otherwise it’ll be an inconvenience rather than something you enjoy using. When you choose mobility aids, look for places that’ll allow you to take a test drive or trial first, so you can feel confident when you buy.

Year-round use

You may wonder whether a mobility scooter will get much use in colder or wet weather, but there are many accessories that’ll help you use it year-round. From rain covers to fleece linings to keep you warm during your journey, there are lots of ways you can adapt your scooter for different weather. There are many disability aids to make your life easier, and you should also observe safety rules such as checking your tyres and adding hi-vis strips during bad weather.

Recharging your scooter

Some people worry that it might be complicated to run a mobility scooter, but they have been designed to be as user-friendly as possible for those with disabilities. You simply pick a place to park it and can keep your charger close-by, so when you arrive home, you just plug it in.

Mobility scooters are for everyone

You don’t have to be unable to walk to use a mobility scooter. If you have a medical condition, find walking difficult or tiresome, or simply want more freedom, then a mobility scooter might be for you. There’s certainly no age limit or requirement to have certain medical conditions if you want to buy one.

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